Ultrasonic cutting

The ultrasonic cutting technology is very widespread in the textile and food industries as it enables to make spotless cuttings.

Eurosonics also proposes you the Rembordier technique in the textile industry: cutting and ultrasonic welding simultaneously.

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Textile Industry

Ultrasonic textile cutting

The use of ultrasounds in the textile industry (woven or non-woven textile used in medical, technical, insulating, portable… fields) enabled to bring together several steps of the traditional manufacture method: cutting, pricking, seaming, assembling, welding, cauterization...
The use of ultrasounds has brought an increased quality of the final products, a higher productivity and unrivalled level of repeatability. The cuts and the welds are spotless, streakless, free of any raveling and with perfect cauterization.
Our manual equipment or standard modules are easy to integrate on existing or future production machines and enable working flexibility (continuous or non-continuous work conditions).

Food industry

ultrasonic food cutting

The use of ultrasounds in the food industry enables to increase productivity and to lower costs related to maintenance, cleaning and adjustment in comparison with traditional techniques.
Eurosonics proposes you a complete range of ultrasounds from 20 KHz to 35 KHz, enabling to scarify, slice, portion and cut easily a large amount of food stuffs. These food stuffs can be simple, multi-layered or of various densities.
Our ultrasounds enable you to get quick, spotless and waste-free cuttings. You can cut fresh products as well as frozen products (down to -15°C) without altering or distorting your product. Nuts and grapes can be clearly cut without movement of the flesh inside. Soft, crumbly, sticky foods don’t stick to the plate as this latter vibrates continuously.
Our equipment has been created to operate in a moist environment and it can be fixed on all types of existing or future food-producing machines.

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