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Eurosonics proposes you a whole range of products dedicated to ultrasonic cleaning.

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Standard ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Standard ultrasonic cleaning tanks

The CleanEx range of ultrasonic cleaning tanks enables a precise cleaning of a various range of parts and instruments in the fields of control and maintenance.
Capacity from 4 to 28 liters for an ultrasound frequency from 28 to 40 KHz according to the needs.

Special ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Special ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Should you not find the adequate tank in our standard cleaning range, Eurosonics manufactures tailor-made cleaning tanks.

Ultrasonic cleaning generators

Ultrasonic cleaning generators

Ultrasonic generator supplies energy to a titanium rod (EuroPush) or to a stainless steel submersible pack (EuroSub) along with vibratory frequency.
According to the cleaning purpose, the power of our ultrasound generators ranges from 600W to 2000W for a vibration frequency from 25 to 150 KHz.

Composents of ultrasonic cleaning devices

Composents of ultrasonic cleaning devices

Vibrating sets are created to be easily integrated to all types of industrial tanks thanks to our titanium rods (EuroPush) or stainless steel submersible packs (EuroSub).

Our welding products

ultrasonic plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding machine

vibration plastic welding

Vibration welding machine

rotary plastic welding

Rotary welding machine

hot plate plastic welding

Hot plate welding machine

ultrasonic welding generator

Ultrasonic welding generators

manual device for ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic manual devices

components of ultrasonic plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding components

Our cleaning products

ultrasonic cleaning tank

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks

ultrasonic cleaning generator

Ultrasonic cleaning generators

ultrasonic cleaning components

Ultrasonic cleaning components

Other products



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Rembording station

ultrasound assessment

Sonic Diagnostic

ultrasound second-hand

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