Special welding machines

We create and manufacture special welding machines for industrial purposes.

Our special machine department is designed to meet all your needs regarding the achievement of your project in accordance to your specifications.

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Mechanical conception

Mechanical conception of special machines

We work on your project since the project planning phase thanks to our technical department (equipped with CAD software 3D Solidworks) in order to ensure you to get the best technical solution.

Mechanical implementation

Mechanical manufacture of special machine

We build mechanically-welded frames as well as every machined mechanical part that would be useful to your project.

Electric and pneumatic studies

Electric and pneumatic study of special machine

We design electric and pneumatic plans according to the required application and it’s our responsibility to supply our specialized suppliers with adequate tools.


Special machine assembling

We carry out the assembling of mechanical sets as well as the wiring connections of electrical cabinets in our warehouse.


special machine automatism

We carry out the study and programming of all our automates and of dialogue screens in order to control the actions of your automated devices.


special machine installation

We carry out the delivery and the on-site launching (in France or abroad). All our machines are EC-certified and are delivered with full documentation according to norms.

Customer service

special machine after sale consumer service

We propose you to check your equipment regularly in order to ensure its smooth running throughout your production cycle.

Some examples of special machines

special machine manufacture

You will find here some examples of special machines designed for various business sector such as the automotive or the pharmaceutical industries.

Our welding products

ultrasonic plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding machine

vibration plastic welding

Vibration welding machine

rotary plastic welding

Rotary welding machine

hot plate plastic welding

Hot plate welding machine

ultrasonic welding generator

Ultrasonic welding generators

manual device for ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic manual devices

components of ultrasonic plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding components

Our cleaning products

ultrasonic cleaning tank

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks

ultrasonic cleaning generator

Ultrasonic cleaning generators

ultrasonic cleaning components

Ultrasonic cleaning components

Other products



textil rembordier workstation

Rembording station

ultrasound assessment

Sonic Diagnostic

ultrasound second-hand

Our second-hand ultrasonic devices