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Eurosonics proposes you a whole range of vibration plastic welding machines.

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Standard linear vibration machine

vibration plastic welding

Our vibration welding machines are equipped with high efficiency single phase output amplifier, provides precise and high quality welding.
Linear sensors for precise lift table monitoring and melting control during process have been installed as well as an auto-tuning time of 4sec, user-friendly touch panel and real time resonance frequency tracing.
The machine is also equipped with an auto fixture recognition sensor and specialized software.
Thanks to its superior welding quality, our vibration welding machines are suitable for automobile, home and sanitary industries.

Standard circular vibration machine

vibration plastic welding

Our circular vibration machine is very sturdy in order to meet the toughest requirements.
“Electrically” frequency setting from 0 to 200Hz.
“Mechanically” amplitude setting from 0 to 2mm.
The circular movement enables to have a constant smooth vibration on the part.
There is no frequency setting of the equipment.
The machine can be installed in all positions in all automated sets.

EQUIPMENT FOR VIBRATION MACHINES Equipment for vibration machines

vibration plastic welding

Our specialists in tools manufacturing for vibration assembling machines ensure an optimal functioning for your production.
The equipment is designed to be adaptable on all vibration machines.

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