Our ultrasonic welding products

EUROSONICS proposes you a whole range of products dedicated to ultrasonic plastic welding.

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Standards ultrasonic machines

ultrasonic welding

Our welding machines are sturdy and precise and can be easily integrated to your production.
Vibrating sets, which are quickly dismountable on front side, enables to perform a wide range of ultrasonic welding applications.

The welding head is controlled by a micro-processor of latest generation that can be very easily programmed. It includes a color touchscreen which enables to set every single useful parameter.

Manual ultrasonic devices

ultrasonic welding

Our manual ultrasonic devices can be used to implement several welding techniques: spot welding, riveting...
Digital ultrasonic welding generators enable several welding methods: by time, energy, power or on continuous mode. Your quality controls can be easily set.

Ultrasonic welding generators

ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic generators supply energy to the vibrating set in correlation with the vibratory frequency.
Depending on the welding purpose and the type of plastic, the power of our ultrasonic generators ranges from 400 to 4000W for a vibration frequency from 20 KHz to 60 KHz.

Ultrasonic integration system

ultrasonic welding

Vibrating sets or ultrasound heads are designed to be easily integrated to every single industrial machine thanks to slides, spring heads and pneumatic heads.

Ultrasonic welding components

ultrasonic welding

Vibrating heads or ultrasound heads consists of three elements:

A convertor (from 20 KHz to 40 KHz) which enables to transform the electric energy into a mechanical movement.
A booster (from 20 KHz to 40 KHz) which enables to change mechanically the welding intensity.
A custom-made mechanical equipment, which consists of a horn and an anvil.

Our welding products

ultrasonic plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding machine

vibration plastic welding

Vibration welding machine

rotary plastic welding

Rotary welding machine

hot plate plastic welding

Hot plate welding machine

ultrasonic welding generator

Ultrasonic welding generators

manual device for ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic manual devices

components of ultrasonic plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding components

Our cleaning products

ultrasonic cleaning tank

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks

ultrasonic cleaning generator

Ultrasonic cleaning generators

ultrasonic cleaning components

Ultrasonic cleaning components

Other products



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