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1. Generalities

The current general terms of sales applies to all selling contracts between Eurosonics and its customers, except for specific conditions specified in writing.
These terms are in force, and without their express or implied acceptance by the customer, our company would have not entered the contract. The current terms cancel the general terms of sales of our customers.

2. Pricing

The prices indicated in our price-lists and to our customers are provided for information purposes only and can be revised at any time. Our goods are invoiced at the price in force on the day of the shipment or on the day the goods are made available in our warehouse, regardless of their removal date.

3. Terms of payment

Failure of return of our invoices raised by Eurosonics within a delay of eight days implies full recognition of the billing.
Every new customer will have to transmit his order with a certificate of incorporation of less than three months as well as bank account identification.
For invoices amounting less than 800,00€, payment should occur by check at the order, or at the removal of the goods.
For invoices amounting more than 800,00€, 30% of the sum is due at the order and the balance is due within 30 days.
Any sum not paid at its due date shall incur interest of 3% per month from that date.
Any unpaid invoice or any default of payment gives rights to Eurosonics to suspend the delivery of any remaining order, and gives rights to immediately claim any sums due in arrears.
It is expressly agreed that the non-payment of our machines will lead to legal intervention and claim of lump-sum damages amounting 15% of unpaid sums with a minimum sum of 53.35€ excluding default interests mentioned above.

4. Delivery

Lead-time indicated for the delivery of the orders is given for reference. Eurosonics commits itself to respect the given lead-time as much as possible but it can’t be held liable for any late delivery, whatever its cause.
Unless expressly stipulated to the contrary by Eurosonics, a late delivery of devices can’t result in the cancellation of the sale or can’t give rise to claims of damages.

5. Transportations

We don’t arrange shipments of devices except at the express request of the buyer. Transportation costs are under the responsibility of the consignee.
Whatever the terms of sale, shipment or delivery mode chosen, our responsibilities can’t held liable in case of destruction, damage, loss and theft that occurred during the shipment.
It shall be reminded that in order to protect your rights as well as ours, any prejudices must be written on the document of carriage, and should be confirmed by registered letter to the carrier within 48 hours of receipt of the goods (art 105 of commercial code). Risks related to the goods are transferred to the buyer at the goods’ delivery according to the terms of the contract and during the time of retention of title to seller’s benefit (Law n°80.335 of May 12th 1980).

6. Exchange and warranty

Our devices are under warranty for one year, parts and labor by return to our workshops. Only devices sold by Eurosonics checked as defective and in the period of time will call for an exchange or repairing.
The exchange of device cannot in any circumstances extent its warranty period. The warranty does not cover neither replacements nor repairing which would result of normal wear of the device, damage or accident originating from negligence, supervisory, maintenance or storing failure, or improper use regarding the information given by the seller. The seller cannot in any circumstances be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences, either on persons or on goods, of any equipment malfunction. No compensation can be claimed in this respect in any way whatsoever.

7. Retention of ownership

In accordance to the law n° 80.335 of May 12th 1980 and to our general terms of sales, the transfer of ownership of every device sold by the company Eurosonics is retained until the full payment of the price.

8. Equipment lending

Equipment lending will only occur against a deposit check and will be invoiced after the agreed period of time, after reminder or in case of return of defective or incomplete equipment.

9. Exports of device by the customer

Due to the current regulation, the buyer commits himself to have a written agreement of the seller before every sending or resending of goods outside of the territory of metropolitan France of the required device.
The seller considers himself released from further obligation and further liability if this prior authorization procedure is not met by the customer.

10. Dispute

Interpretation and performance of the current general terms of sales as well as every act that may result of this will be subject to French law. Should a dispute arise, only the court of Versailles will have jurisdiction.

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